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Fat Dissolving Treatments Bognor Regis

Fat dissolving treatments work by injecting a solution into the desired area which destroys the fat cells membrane. The fat cell is then broken down and naturally carried out the body by the lymphatic system.

This treatment is Ideal for those stubborn areas of fat that just wont go!

Common areas include double chin, jowl, back, bra hang, love handles, abdomen, arms and inner thighs.

You should typically start to results from 24 hours with Lemon bottle and 2-3 weeks with Deso, but please note this can vary.

This treatment is most effective with a course of roughly 2-6 sessions depending on the target area and the individuals response to the treatment.

Amber Canva Fat Dissolving_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Fat Dissolving Bra Area.jpg

Does Fat Dissolving Treatment Work?


Here at Ambient Aesthetics, located in Bognor Regis, our founder and lead aesthetician, Amber, is a fully qualified beauty therapist with experience in both aesthetic treatments, and as a nurse for the NHS. Her years of experience and unique skill set informs every treatment administered, and takes extreme pride in her work. 


We always want our clients to feel their very best, which is why we pride ourselves on our fat dissolving treatments; an extremely simple, hassle-free way to eliminate fat cells in a safe and effective manner. Our clients who opt for our bespoke fat dissolving treatments usually wish to target stubborn areas, such as under-arms, chin, and inner-thighs, and praise our treatments for being minimally invasive and for their long-term effects; the results of our fat dissolving injections can last between two and four years!

Five Star Fat Dissolving Treatments

“I started my fat dissolving journey this week and went in quite apprehensive. But after talking through everything, from the full process, to after care, I felt Instantly at ease once on the couch. The injections were completed very swiftly and Amber covered a very large area. Less than 48hrs after treatment, the area is no longer tender with minimal bruising. I'm looking forward to seeing my progress and my next appointment in 6ish weeks.” – Hester via Facebook

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