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Sclerotherapy Treatments Bognor Regis

Sclerotherapy is used to treat thread/spider veins. 

A solution is directed straight into the effected vein, where the vein then becomes irritated and collapses. Local tissue then absorbs the vein, eventually causing them to fade. 

Complete elimination cannot be guaranteed but generally you will see an improvement within a few weeks of the initial treatment. Depending on the individual 2-4 treatments maybe required for near-complete results, with roughly 6 weeks in-between each session. 

A consultation is required before receiving this treatment.

Image by Jose Hernandez-Uribe

How Sclerotherapy Works

Here at Ambient Aesthetics, in Bognor Regis West Sussex, all of our treatments are fully informed by our aesthetic and medical professional, Amber, a fully licensed and qualified beauty therapist with years of industry experience.


Our sclerotherapy treatments are becoming a more and more popular way to treat thread/spider veins on your legs, as by eliminating these by using our specialist solution, the appearance and texture of your skin can be significantly improved after only one session! We always ensure to provide a free consultation prior, to ensure that our treatments are suitable for our client’s individual needs. We always take extra care to ensure your wellbeing, health and happiness is taken into consideration, and that you leave our luxury clinic feeling more confident about your legs than ever.

5 Star Service

“Amber made me feel extremely comfortable, and was very professional. I was very nervous, I had dermal filler in my lips and WOW they are completely incredible. I am so in love with them! I can’t wait for a top up now! Thank you so much xxxx” – Kara via Google

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